Climate CubeSat Co-build (C3) Outreach Program

Beginning in Spring 2018, in an aim to fulfill NASA’s vision of 50 CubeSats from 50 States in 5 Years, the Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative in collaboration with MIT Lincoln Laboratory and MIT AeroAstro’s STAR Lab launched the Climate CubeSat Co-building Outreach Program (C3), in which we mentor 20 Boston-area high school students through designing, building, testing, and launching a cubesat that makes climate science and earth-observation measurements.

The students are supported throughout the program with curriculum sessions on space environment and satellite engineering, an open journaling and learning exchange platform, technical mentorship for design and building tasks, part kits, testing and launch support, and training for post-flight data analysis. We hope to scale this program through high schools, public libraries, and maker spaces across nationally (and soon internationally!) via an open-source, broadly available online repository for curricula and workshops (

We are also working in collaboration with the Media Lab Learning initiative to bring programming to public libraries across the U.S. as part of their Public Library Innovation Exchange (PLIX) program. Library participants engage in educational workshops that include hands-on activities covering satellite engineering, the space environment, systems engineering, and mission design. These workshops are aimed for audiences of all ages and education levels and can be done as one-off workshop or as a series.

We have openings for students in the beginning of each Fall and Spring semesters. Please send an email if you’d like to be invited to the next class!