Master Making in the Classroom – PD for K-12 Educators

You’ve got a couple of 3-D printers, some workbenches, hand tools, and a new space – what do you do with it all?

Join a Master Making in the Classroom program to get ready and inspired to lead Maker projects in K-12 classrooms.

Maker projects engage your students with hands-on activities that foster creativity, boost student confidence, promote critical thinking, and increase STEM awareness.  

This program is especially for educators who lead Maker initiatives in their schools by coaching or collaborating with teachers to carry out Maker projects – e.g. Technology Integration Specialists, STEM Coordinators, and Makerspace Coordinators. A dedicated Makerspace is not required, as long as tools and materials will be available to students in their classrooms.

Participants meet in person for 4 full-day workshops, communicating in between meetings with MIT staff and with each other.   Our educators learn how to design customized Maker projects and lead them effectively in typical classrooms, sharing results with the community and refining projects for the next class.    An essential part of this 2-month training and coaching experience is the online Community of Practice component that enables the group to continue sharing ideas and experiences after the workshops are completed.

This program is developed and led at the Edgerton Center at MIT, a home for experiential learning since 1992.  We now embrace the Maker movement for its combination of hands-on technologies, collaboration, and personal expression.