PKG Center for Public Service

From its founding in 1861 to today, MIT’s mission has been to develop in each member of its community the ability to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind. Students come to MIT to expand their skills and deepen their knowledge with the goal of changing the world, and the PKG Center helps students harness their unique abilities to advance social good.

Since our founding, much has changed: MIT has evolved and grown exponentially as a global leader in science and engineering, and the practice of public service in higher education has evolved as well.  What constitutes “service” has become more sophisticated, building upon a foundation of direct service volunteering with a new and expansive focus on rigorous curricular integration, reciprocal community partnerships, and measurable student learning outcomes.

The PKG Center is MIT’s public service epicenter, working with students of all levels to connect them with programs and projects that address social and environmental issues locally, nationally, and globally.  Our programs are academically-aligned, rigorous, and exploratory and we support MIT students with guidance and often funding. The PKG Center aims to facilitate learning experiences that are as beneficial for our community partners as they are for our students, and to inspire our students to build a better world both now and in their lives beyond MIT.

PKG Center programs provide students the opportunity to grapple with a range of topics, themes and challenges, including K-12 education. For more information, please visit