Opportunities for Multigenerational Exchange, Growth and Action (OMEGA) is an initiative of the MIT AgeLab designed to support the growth of intergenerational programming that connects middle and high school students with older adults. As birth rates decline, life expectancies rise, and the COVID-19 pandemic continues, family life is being transformed. Increasing social isolation and loneliness among the oldest and youngest of the generations and greater need for generational solidarity is fuel for a movement. We simply cannot afford to lose the mutually-beneficial exchanges that foster multigenerational connection.

The OMEGA Project strengthens communities, invests in the generations and empowers people to maximize their longevity bonus. We know from good research that intergenerational connection is important for a variety of outcomes among older and younger people – from positive attitudes and social support to leadership development and lifelong learning.

Currently, OMEGA pursues its goal through:

  • OMEGA Summit events – Online and in-person events bringing together high school students across the U.S. to talk careers in aging, the longevity economy, intergenerational programming, and to brainstorm ideas for innovative activities.
  • OMEGA chat hours and consultations – Monthly virtual calls providing ongoing support, networking and resources, and technical assistance for interested students.
  • MIT AgeLab internships – Virtual or in-person summer experiences for high school and undergraduate college students interested in the social sciences and contributing to the broader MIT AgeLab mission through research.
  • OMEGA listserv – A collection of youth, professionals in aging and education, and older adults passionate about intergenerational work and the activities of the OMEGA Project.
  • OMEGA scholarships – Five $5,000 scholarships and five $1,000 grants that are awarded to high school juniors and seniors across the U.S. doing intergenerational work in their communities.

We are always looking to meet students who might be interested in starting an intergenerational program or learning more about careers in aging!