MIT Graduate Women in Aerospace Engineering (GWAE)

Graduate Women in Aerospace Engineering (GWAE) represents and advocates for the graduate women in the MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics by supporting their personal, academic, and professional development, helping foster a strong community within AeroAstro, and organizing and participating in STEM outreach events.

The goal of our outreach is to inspire and encourage women and girls to pursue STEM careers and interests, as well as to serve as positive role models demonstrating that women can serve as leaders in technical fields. Our program draws from the rich resources of labs and students in AeroAstro: we design our presentations and build our activities based on the cutting edge technology and research performed at the Institute.

We organize several initiatives during the academic year, including local school visits and the annual High School Aerospace Day at MIT. We also participate in the MIT Museum Girl’s day and at MIT Splash. A calendar of events can be found on our website. For all inquiries, please contact us via email.